Banks Reigns, Carmella Regains, Asuka Retains

June 29, 2017

The women of WWE were in the spotlight this week as they main evented RAW, Smackdown Live & NXT. Martyn 'The Maverick' & Bobby 'The Bruiser' share their thoughts on the Gauntlet Match, Money In The Bank & the Last Woman Standing match. Other topics will include the Joe and Lesnar build up, the announcements of the Punjabi Prison Match, the impersonation of Jack Gallagher and the viscous attack from Oney Lorcan to Hideo Itami. 

The rivalry continues between our podcast hosts in quizzes 'The Perfect Ten' & the latest creation 'Who In The Blue Hell Are You?'. Does the newest quiz steal become a superstar or just a one show jobber?

We are The Canvas Chat, celebrating the art of pro wrestling, painting brush strokes with body slams and we absolutely love it! 


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