Carmella Kicks Off, Cass Kicks Heads Off!

June 23, 2017

Team Sawft is no more! Vince's scheme to break up all of the tag teams in the WWE is continuing. DIY, Golden Truth, Vaudevillains, Wyatt Family and now Enzo & Cass have fallen victim to this dastardly plot. But what a television moment on this weeks RAW, one tear followed by one big boot. Over on Smackdown Live, Carmella was establishing herself as one of the top female performers in the company. Other discussion points this week, the never ending Fox, Dar, Alexander storyline and the excellent main event on NXT between Ohno & Black. Join Martyn 'The Maverick' & Bobby 'The Bruiser' for some wrestling fun.

We are The Canvas Chat, celebrating the art of pro wrestling, painting brush strokes with body slams and we absolutely love it! 


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